Production Music



PRODUCTION MUSIC can somehow be considered part of music consulting, since it consists on creating, by composing, recording, mixing and mastering, music that suits the client's desires.

Production Music is specifically designed for use as theme or incidental music in audio visual productions such as film, television, radio and new media. The music is made widely available to professionals working in production and post production.

The advantages of using production music are:

  • There are no pre-clearance formalities involved in its use
  • Licences issued by SIAE cover the right to reproduce the musical work, sound recording and artist performance - all the rights normally required by a production company.
  • It is licensed according to the rates published in the SIAE rate card enabling you to budget accurately.
  • Because it is pre-recorded, potential users have the opportunity to test a wide range of music against picture prior to making any payment. Fees are only due when the audio visual production is exhibited, broadcast or offered for sale.
  • Fees are set in accordance with the published rate card.
  • No charge is made for auditioning, the supply of DVDs, hard drives and music downloads to accredited clients. Application for a licence has to be made to SIAE in advance of exploitation. These licences are available for different types of use from Italy and for all territories (including world).


We have a wide range of production fields that includes original music production (soundtracks, tv themes, jingles, etc...), re-arrangement of existing tracks and recording of covers, instrumental tracks, free domain music tracks, websites and video games music, etc...



An example of a SOUNDIVA television music producion


SOUNDIVA PRODUCTION: composition and recording of
Disney Channel's LIFE BITES (sit-com) tv theme.
Post-production of the whole serie using tracks of our Music Library
as the motion picture soundtrack.



An example of a SOUNDIVA soundtrack:


SOUNDIVA PRODUCTION: composition and recording of the soundtrack, audio post-production using tracks of our Music Library as Soundtrack
of RAITRADE - EMOTION docu-film "Emigranti"






An example of SOUNDIVA background music used in tv programs.