SOUNDIVA s.r.l. is a music consulting, music production and audio/video post-production company. Over the years it has produced the SOUNDIVA MUSIC LIBRARY, a library featuring thousands of tracks which can be used for television, cinema, web, advertising and audio/video supports.

The new Label SOUNDIVA CLASSICAL contains high-quality recordings of the most famous pieces of classical music.


SOUNDIVA s.r.l. has over 30 years of television, cinema, music, adverstising and multimedia experience, and both of the two founders have over a decade of experience with the most important national companies.


This wide range of experience guarantees professionalism and precision from its own consultants, composers and musicians and the quality of the final product is what makes the difference.




- Music and sounds effects retrieval

- Audio editing

- Orchestra Reconding Service (also in Remote Session)

- Consultancy in audio-video direction

- Music cue-sheets

- Original music and soundtracks production

- Audio-video post-production

- Voice-over and dubbing (in any language)

- Music production according to S.I.A.E.

- Music tracks arrangement

- Music publishing

- Mastering


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SOUNDIVA MUSIC LIBRARY currently containing 310 CDs of any musical genre: electronica, jazz, world music, rock, lounge, pop. chillout, dance, original classical, songs, blues, hip hop, soundtracks, etc...

SOUNDIVA CLASSICAL contains 50 CDs - High-quality recordings of the most famous pieces of classical music.

The music is purposively composed to comment pictures or motion pictures and then multimedially reproduced (VHS, DVDs, CD-ROM, etc.) for private or public use.

SOUNDIVA s.r.l. manages also exclusively for Italy several foreign music catalogues.

The music catalogue is easily accessible to producers since every track is listed and catalogued by genre and licenced by our sub-publishers ALL OVER THE WORLD.

For further informations go to the page " SOUNDIVA Music Library "